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Dressmaking & Alterations

Mentionables is happy to offer custom dressmaking and alterations services to local customers.  
Please see below for estimated pricing.  Contact Mentionables for more information on services, fittings, and prices.

Custom Dressmaking *

Mentionables offers original designs, styled and fitted precisely to fit you.  Costumes, bridal and formal wear, business and casual wear.

Mentionables works closely with the you to design something unique and flattering, guiding you in choosing the best silhouette, fit, and fabric to make every time you wear your garment a special occasion.

Prices vary depending on the project, but rest assured I always work my hardest to find the best deals on the very best in fabrics and materials.  

See the Gallery for photos of some of Mentionables' happy clients in their custom-made creations.

1790 faded

Alterations Services *

Pants hem by machine $15
by hand 20
w/lining add $5
Pants/skirt take in unlined 20
lined 25
Taper pant legs unlined 20 **
lined 25 **
** based on machine hem,        hand hem add $5
Suit jacket sleeves take up 30
let down 35
Jacket length shorten only 40
Suit jacket take in unlined 20
lined 25
Formal dress hem 2 layers 25
(Each additional layer add 5)
add 5 for chiffon
Dress straps  up/down 10 add lingerie loops 3
Take in dress 2 layers 30
(each additional layer add 5)
add 5 for chiffon
Replace zipper fly 20
skirt 15
coat 25
does not include cost of zipper
add $5 for leather/suede
Replace lining Pants 75
Suit jacket 100
Over coat 150 and up
does not include cost of lining fabric
Replace button $1 per button 1.50 per button if not provided by customer

Bridal Alterations Services *

Hem 2 layers $50
w/attached pettiocaot $75
Each additional layer add $15 ($25 for chiffon)
Additional cost for beading and/or trim
Bustle (basic over or under bustle) 1 point - $25
3 points - $35
5 points - $50
take in/let out  starting at $75 additional cost for chiffon or beaded
additional cost for alteration at more than two points
change to corset back from $125
straps up/down from $15
add bra cups from $20 does not include cost of cups
add inner waistband  from $15 does not include cost of waistband materials
Dress straps  up/down 10 add lingerie loops 3
Steam/press from $40
Custom veil from $125 does not include materials cost

* Prices shown are estimates only.  All prices are subject to change.

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